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Current membership is required to use the Fort Pierce Trail. An expired membership is not valid. A membership without a waiver is not valid. A waiver without payment does not make you a member or allow you to use the trail. Non members are tresspassing

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4205 N Flagler Dr #2, West Palm Beach FL 33407
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(4) email Secretary Dave Medina ( for gate code and membership questions.

A.M.B.C. is a Florida Non-Profit Corporation

Airborne's Purpose:Our organization has the intention of assisting local mountain bike enthusiasts to have more and better legal places to pursue mountain bike riding on the Treasure Coast, and to have a good time riding bikes in the woods.

Trail Conditions FTP

Fort Pierce Trail Update 10/15/15 FTP TRAIL OPEN

A message from FTP Trail Care Coordinator, Jon Lindquist:
Thank you to everyone who came out today and helped trim the trail. We got a lot done in a short amount of time. The trail is drying out nicely so hopefully we will be back riding soon. We still have some work to do before we can open it so we will have another workday on Labor Day. We still have a small bit of trimming to do and the bridge at the second under pass has to have the wood replaced and have shingles put down so I will need some folks to help me get that knocked out. Thanks again for everyone's help. See y'all soon.

Here's an update from FTP Trail Care Coordinator Jon regarding the workday this Saturday.
I hope y'all have your weedeaters all ready to go for Saturday! We will still be meeting at the trailhead at 8:00 with a brief meeting at 8:15 to discuss the work to be done and get everyone assigned to something. We will be having lunch at 12:00. 90% of our focus Saturday will be weedeating so please bring a weedeater and appropriate safety gear. I look forward to seeing everyone Saturday morning.

Sat 8/29 Trail work Hey folks, We are doing a maintenance day August 29th at 8 a.m. That is a Saturday morning and we will be weedeating and clearing the trail of limbs and a few fallen trees, so anyone who can make it, please bring a weed eater, chainsaw, machete, pruning shears or things of that nature. We will be providing cold water and Gatorade.
Also if you have Club tools please bring them or if you can't make it email or text me with what you have. I would like to centralize and do an inventory on all club equipment. Thank you for all the help.
Jon Lindquist
FTP Trail Care Coordinator

Trail Conditions Halpat

Halpat Trail Update 10/15/15 Conditions/Status: Mostly Dry

A message from FTP Trail Care Coordinator, Phil Pacini:
Water at the 0.5 mile marker. The remainder of the shortcuts are okay. Water in the ditch leading into the River Loop. Soft down by the leaning palm. Remainder of River Loop ok. 40 Acres is still wet, parts under 2 -3 inches of water. Area immediately before and after The Wooden hills wet to under water. Hill section okay. Palmetto Express okay. West Corridor still wet with portions under 1-2 inches of water. U-Turn okay. Land Bridge okay.

A new gate code will be effective this Saturday (8/15) at 12:00pm

Water Bottle Notice:
Recently many club members have been noticing an increase in the amount of full or partial water bottles along the trail. These water bottles are usually the disposable type and the problem is that most water bottle cages will not retain these bottles in rough terrain. The bottle might feel "secure enough" at the trailhead but it will fall out later and you probably will not notice when it does.

The best solution is to use a bottle designed for bicycling (available at the local bike shop for a few dollars) but if you must use a disposable here are some solutions to reduce trail litter and loss of your hydration:

  1. Gatorade bottles are retained in water bottle cages better than most disposable water bottle shapes.
  2. Aluminum bottle cages can be bent down toward the mounting bolts without bottle in place to increase bottle retention. This can be helpful even with standard bottles.
  3. Insulating drink koozies can add size and grip to increase retention in cages. You can even double them up to achieve the correct diameter.

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