Haro Extreme x1 Review

Which one of us didn’t grow up holding our breath as Bob Haro blew open the sport of BMX is his daredevil act?

To this day, his bike brand spreads his legacy almost faster than his freestyle skills ever did. And they do that bad by linking their brand to the star power of today’s top riders.

Which means that it is hard not to get excited about a Haro machine. I don’t care how dusty it is or how buried it is in the back of that barn; we’re going to pull it out, fix it up and ride the snot out of it.

The Haro Extreme is part of their Freeride, full suspension lineup. It has one purpose: hard-core riding.

Rider after rider has bragged about how much abuse their frames can take. This means a lot because the riders who are attracted to Haro are also notorious for pushing themselves and their equipment past any sane limits.

Many other companies produce a similar ride. But you find a certain amount of reinforcement on this bicycle that you don’t see on other brands.

This is also the kind of machine where you can feel good about upgrading components over purchasing a new model. Granted, we all want to purchase a new model, but the Extreme x1 is compatible with most of the high-end components. So if you want to slap on some Deore Xt or a Marzocchi/ Fox front fork on it, you can feel good about doing that.

Of course, the X2 and X3 are excellent upgrades if you can afford them or find them.

This downhill freerides perfect for those of us who live in mountainous terrain. Take it out west to Moab if you want or down to the aggressive Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.

Also, notice that the frame is designed to be a little shorter and nimble. While you could technically use this bike for any riding, this shorter, compact frame also works well for performing free ride tricks and even some trialing.

For the rider who wants to go hard and fast, finding a Haro Extreme x1 can be a cheap way to get into the sport.

Here is a demonstration of the x1 going down a flight of stairs. That isn’t a huge feat — I’ve often gone down stairs on my road bicycle. But it does demonstrate the confidence that it gives the rider.

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