Memberships, Donations and Money (in general)

Fees from donations and memberships are tax deductible. We are a non-profit organization. Monies collected currently are held in reserve with the specific intent of being used for professional fees when needed as they relate to issues regarding the re-opening of the Ft. Pierce bike trail. After that, fees will be used for trail enhancements. Your membership and donation dollars will go right back into your trails.

The Purpose of Airborne MTB Club

Our organization serves mountain bike enthusiasts along the Treasure Coast of Florida by acting as the connection between riders and land managers. We also serve mountain Bikers outside the area by providing accurate local trail information. It is our goal to improve the level of understanding of land managers with respect to mountain biking. It is our goal to help riders attain more and better riding trails in our area.


Fort Pierce

At the present time our organization is focusing it's efforts in assisting in the re-opening of the Ft. Pierce Bike Trail. Our organization has been the leading force in working with St. Lucie County to see that this trail is made a legitimate county park instead of the out of bounds trail it has always been.


Our efforts are also focused on trail maintenance and development at the Halpatiokee Regional Park in Martin County. Here, we are welcome to ride the singletrack. We are in the process of placing signs and laying out a marked course for cross country riders.

If you know of other areas in Martin or St. Lucie counties to ride, please let us know.