Fort Pierce Bike Trail

The Ft. Pierce Bike Trail is a 4.5 mile singletrack trail on 10 Mile Creek which represents one of the only local trails that is in area with elevation changes. Since the woods are predominated by hardwoods, and since the area is prone to flooding, it is a less sandy, more swoopy, sustainable trail. This trail and it's status as an out-of-bounds trail have long been the focus of this club's preservation efforts.


Directions: Take I-95 or the Turnpike to the St. Lucie County exit at Okeechobee Rd. in Ft. Pierce. From there you take the straight dirt road leading directly from Okeechobee Blvd. south to the trailhead. The dirt road is right between the motel and the turnpike exit. It is Turnpike Authority Access and we have permission to use this road.

The Trailhead sign: This is how you know you are there. It's in the parking lot and orients you to the trail. Be sure you turn off the engine. Take your bike from it's rack, and after putting on your helmet, ride the bike trial. We need your help keeping the area clean, and also your help in giving St. Lucie County Commissioners a good reason to purchase this land.


Trail Conditions: The current trail conditions are located on the Forum

Trail Map: Full Size JPEG of trail map
It is possible to print this map, but not very practical to try to refer to the map while you are riding because the terrain is very technical.

Trail Status - "Is the trail legal?":

Legal access requires the waiver listed below as well as club membership Sign up now.
* We now have reduced reciprocal rates and business sponserships

In order to legally proceed onto the property you must complete an updated waiver form
Mail to: 275 Murcia Dr # 301, Jupiter FL 33458 See message from pres
permissive trail users(updated 4-22-2011)

An Archived webpage timeline history of the ftp trail legal fight HERE

After 12 years....

A message from the pres Nick D.
(may 2011)


The airborne mountain bike club was born for one single purpose, to save the fort pierce trail. The fort pierce trail is the only mountain bike in st lucie county, and easily the best trail within a 2 hour drive. As unique as the trail it is, containing both elevation and tree cover rarely found in south Florida, it has proven to be equally difficult to establish as a legal trail. The trail has passed through the hands of several uncooperative land owners, been the target of a failed purchase by the local government, finally to fall into the possession of a developer called IDI with an office in nearby Ft Lauderdale. After 12 years of negotiating with the previous owners, the SFWMD, and the local gvmt., our worst fears materialized in the form of a fence with no trespassing signs. Just when it looked like our treasured trail was poised to disappear like so many privately owned trails have, we established a dialog with the new owners and soon had a verbal agreement allowing us temporary access. Now we also have not only a written contract, but plans are in place for the land to be donated as a park to preserve the trail forever!

Our club has made this happen by not only our never say die attitude, but by our willingness to make the necessary sacrafices. We have weathered the attacks of atv's, misguided public employees, and worst of all the dreaded rouge trailworkers.

Also, in our spare time we managed to create a 8mi trail in nearby Martin Co. and have several other prospects on the horizon.