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A.M.B.C. is a Florida Non-Profit Corporation

Airborne's Purpose:Our organization has the intention of assisting local mountain bike enthusiasts to have more and better legal places to pursue mountain bike riding on the Treasure Coast, and to have a good time riding bikes in the woods.

Join Airborne!

Club Insurance:
Must sign waiver per requirement of clubs liability insurance. Signed and mailed waiver to address below required before gate code and membership can be granted. Don't forgot to choose membership type after signing waiver via paypal.
Download Form sign and mail waiver to 275 Murcia Dr # 301, Jupiter FL 33458

Membership Type
must sign waiver to activate
email nick d ( for gate code

New Okeechobee Trail!

Volunteers needed to build and ride trail.

A new club is forming for the construction of a new Okeechobee trail. You will need to sign this form

By signing you will be authorized to participate in the building and riding the trail while it is under construction. Once it is complete it will be inspected by SFWMD for a final time. Once approved it will be open to the general public.

Mail to: Scott Dawson - 2344 hwy 70 west - Okeechobee, fl 34974

I have to have original signed forms. SFWMD won't accept faxed or copied signatures.
Individuals will be working as county volunteers, and as such are not acting on behalf of Airborne


May 2011 Time Trial...See Results

I would like to express my appreciation to Ed Stout from South River Outfitters for his donation toward the food, use of his grill and property, Louie from Sprockets for the great prizes, Scott Dawson of East Coast Signs and Shirts for the awesome plaques and shirts, Phill Pacini of Mission One Racing, all of the volunteers who made this happen, and everyone who participated! .. nick D

Trail spotlight of the month

THE FT PIERCE TRAIL... About 5 miles of singletrack trail on 10 Mile Creek which represents one of the only local trails that is in area with elevation changes Read more

We have a signed, executed contract with the owners!
The trail is now officially legal to club members!!!!

In order to legally proceed onto the property you must complete an updated waiver form
Mail to: 275 Murcia Dr # 301, Jupiter FL 33458 See message from pres
permissive trail users(updated 4-22-2011)

Legal access requires the aforementioned waiver as well as club membership Sign up now.
* We now have reduced reciprocal rates and business sponserships

The airborne mountain bike club was born for one single purpose....Message from pres

Great googally moogally...finally..thanks to all involved in the process.. SGT Pepper quoted May 2011

Off Road Bike Trail Proposal in Okeechobee County

There is potential for a trail in Okeechobee County, and a club is being formed there to work with the county to make this happen. Please sign this petition to support the effort! Petition

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This year they will be short sleeve looser fit bmx style (no zipper)

See full size proof(1.4mb) note: sponsers are provisional
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Important Announcements

Halpatiokee Bike Trail

As of right now, due to the continued use of unapproved trails, as well as other unauthorized trail construction, Airborne's privileges to maintain the trail have been revoked until further notice. please refrain from any trail clearing or maintenance activities of any kind until we are instructed otherwise.

All trail work is to be coordinated by Martin County Parks and Rec. Dept (772-260-7980)

Santos Trail Action Alert

I want to let everyone know that important portions of the Santos trail system are currently in jeopardy and your help is needed. Please take a moment to review this info and follow up with appropriate e-mails as described below. We need and appreciate your help. Read more..

Save Oleta River State Park!

The biggest threat to our south florida trails used to be development, now, it seems it may be the very people who are supposed to protect them. Read More... A couple easy ways to give the Park system some feedback: online form: email:

Golf courses to take over state parks?!

how would you like to find out there is less room for trails because your local state park is having a golf course shoved down their throat? sadly this is a possibility!

if you care, do your thing, call, email someone, something. or go buy some new clubs....

online petition has been started...

Save Fort Pierce Bike Trail

Fort Pierce Bike Trail Please make sure to sign the petition to Save Fort Pierce Trail. The Crossroads Mountain Bike Trail is facing the concern of being closed. With the location of the trail being away from the public eye, the only way to draw attention to ourselves is with this petition and our unified voice. Please help us and voice your opinion on this petition. You do NOT need to donate at the Save the Trail petition link. It is NOT a donation to the person or organization whose petition you just signed.

Mo' Betta Trails Needs You!

Mo Betta Trails Airborne is currently looking for volunteers to help with scouting and construction of 'more better trails'. One of these areas is the 'Miller Wild' tract (St. Lucie River Preserve State Park) in Fort Pierce. If you have any ideas for new trails or would like to help with trail constuction please contact Nick D.

Website updated 4/1/2013

Any website corrections, questions or coments please email
Any club specific or general inquries can be sent to club president Nick DiBenedetto at

Please register for free on the forums for the most up to date info. note:to alleviate spam we manually add users to forum after registering. Email nick if you do not receive an email

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