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Club President Nick DiBenedetto


Nick was the Club VP the past couple years, and also was the Trail Care Coordinator for Ft. Pierce. He's also been on the forefront of our new trails investigations. If you are from the media, from land management or interested in some aspect of the club including just about anything, try contacting Nick. He's been here since the beginning and pretty much knows everything. He's on the forum here.


Ft. Pierce Trail Care

Ft. Pierce Trail Care James "T.J." Nonato has been very involved in the post - hurricane restoration of the Ft. Pierce Trail and maintenence issues since that time. If you have any questions or need information about the trail or trail work at Ft. Pierce, then contact T.J. or post on the forum.


Web Hosting and Forum, Bike Patrol

Will White is everything to do with our website - from the domain registration, to hosting, and the forum. He is also the founder and director of the Treasure Coast Bike Patrol - which is an important part of the relationship puzzle between the county parks management, state park management and local police and EMS. If you have any questions regarding the forum or the Bike Patrol, contact Will.


Treasurer PJ

The long time president in the early club days Paul has and continues to be instrumental in the trails we have today