Airborne Mountain Bike Club of the Treasure Coast welcomes it's new President, Nick DiBenedetto...


Some of the goals I would like us to accomplish as a group are.....

  1. Continue our efforts to make Ft. Pierce a legal place to ride.
  2. Continue to work with M.C. Parks to develop the Halpat trail system.
  3. Continue to develop a Bike Patrol.
  4. Work with M.C. Parks to develop addition trail systems.
  5. Plan trips, BBQ's and fun social events related to mountain biking.
  6. Create a working relationship between Land managers, local MTN bike clubs, local bike shops, riders and other user groups.
  7. Ride often, and encourage others to do the same.

See You On The Trails,

Airborne MTB Club of the Treasure Coast would like to thank outgoing President Paul Johnson for his years of service to the local MTB community, and for achieving his goals.